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03/15/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Express bus service connecting Gateway to downtown St. Pete expected by summer”

03/15/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Tampa City Council members call for comprehensive transit reform”

03/13/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Tampa Bay area transit planners concede a combined bus and rail solution is possible”

03/12/2018 – Tampa Bay Newspapers – “PSTA CEO receives pay raise after performance evaluation”

03/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Five things you need to know about bus rapid transit”

03/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Pinellas to start bus service to Tampa International Airport this summer”

03/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Here’s why future development is not a part of the equation for regional transit plans in Tampa Bay”

03/07/2018 – The Laker/Lutz News – “Bus rapid transit could be ride of the future”

03/06/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Coalition of Tampa Bay leaders taking $20 million transit ask to Washington, D.C.”

03/05/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Five Tampa Bay transportation projects in the works”

03/04/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Editorial: Tampa Bay transit plan needs reality check”

03/02/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Circulator system could be running in USF Tampa area by summer”

02/28/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “FDOT hopes for first major regional transit funding partnership in Tampa Bay”

02/23/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “After heated discussion, Tampa Bay agency’s support for bus rapid transit seems imminent”

02/21/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “As questions arise about regional transit plan, it’s unclear who in Tampa Bay answers them”

02/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Newspapers – “Forward Pinellas joins supporters of I-275 ‘catalyst project'”

02/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Regional transit plan authors mull revisions after calls for change”

02/14/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “As the region waits, Tampa Bay transit agencies look for improvements now”

02/13/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Federal transit announcement could earn $20 million for Central Avenue BRT”

02/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Engineers push back against criticism of bus rapid transit plan”

02/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “St. Pete City Council takes a position on regional bus rapid transit”

02/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “St. Petersburg, Tampa chamber chairs agree: Rays have to stay in region”

02/09/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Editor’s Notebook: Readers respond to editor’s take on proposed bus rapid transit plans”

02/07/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “CSX executive, Hillsborough commissioner to talk passenger ail”

02/07/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Hillsborough County Commissioner Pat Kemp rallies colleagues against regional transit plan”

02/06/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Hillsborough leaders raise questions about bus rapid transit”

02/06/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Editorial: HART raises smart concerns about regional bus proposal”

02/05/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Tech and transportation go hand-in-hand in mayoral hopeful Turanchik’s vision for Tampa”

02/05/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Column: Even with rapid buses, Tampa Bay needs light rail”

02/01/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Editor’s Notebook: ‘Affordable’ BRT isn’t the answer to Tampa Bay’s transit woes”

01/30/2018 – 83 Degrees Media – “Focus is on Bus Rapid Transit as first step in Tampa Bay Area transportation solutions”

01/29/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Column: Why bus rapid transit makes sense for Tampa Bay”

01/26/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Bus rapid transit service must be fast, frequent, experts say”

01/25/2018 – WUSF News – “Tampa Bay Investors: Improved Transportation Critical to Region’s Future”

01/25/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Urban design expert: Don’t skimp on Tampa Bay transit”

01/24/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Editorial: Tampa Bay needs real mass transit, not just marketing”

01/21/2018 – tbo (Letters to the Editor) – “Monday’s letters: Tampa Bay deserves rail as an option”

01/20/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Editorial: Too soon for Tampa Bay to settle for buses over light rail”

01/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Learn how bus rapid transit (and rail) could work in Tampa Bay”

01/19/2018 – WUSF – “Rapid Bus Transit Could Come Soon to Tampa Bay”

01/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Long overdue multi-county transit plan finds billions in savings”

01/19/2018 – Florida Politics – “Rapid transit plan – Wesley Chapel to St. Pete – gets unveiled”

01/19/2018 – St. Pete Patch – “I-275 corridor identified as “catalyst” for transit network”

01/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Five things Tampa Bay needs to know about bus rapid transit”

01/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Daniel Ruth: If it’s time to move on from light rail, let’s move faster this time”

01/19/2018 – Tampa Bay Newswire – “Space along I-275 corridor identified as “catalyst” for future regional transit network”

01/18/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Romano: Are buses really our last gasp?”

01/16/2018 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Bus rapid transit in Tampa Bay is cheaper than rail, but obstacles remain”

01/12/2018 – GovTech – “Tired of Fighting for Light Rail, Tampa Bay Turns to Bus Rapid Transit”

01/12/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Tampa Bay Transit: How rapid buses left light rail in the dust”

01/11/2018 – Tampa Bay Times – “Tampa Bay’s transit future: Light rail’s out. Rapid buses are in.”

12/12/2017 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Tampa Bay agency takes first steps to overhaul regional transit”

10/06/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “New era of transportation noted among local transportation agencies”

10/06/2017 – Saint Peters Blog – “HART CEO talks ‘doing more with less’ for Hillsborough transit”

09/29/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Imagine: Light rail along I-275 from Wesley Chapel to Tampa to St. Pete”

09/29/2017 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Light rail tops priorities in latest Tampa Bay transit study”

08/30/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Bowen: Discussions of traffic woes bring little but more meetings”

08/25/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Tampa forum favors light rail, dedicated bus lanes as mass-transit solutions”

08/23/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Ruth: Talking (again) about Tampa Bay transit”

08/22/2017 – 10News – “County leaders exploring new options to navigate around Tampa Bay area”

08/21/2017 – 83 Degrees – “What do you want for local transportation of the future? Workshops invite your participation”

08/21/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Have your say Tampa Bay on the region’s future transit options”

08/10/2017 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Tampa Bay transit planning takes another baby step”

05/15/2017 – Saint Peters Blog – “HART board members want ‘catalyst’ transit project expedited”

04/22/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Tampa Bay transit study identifies five corridors for future transportation systems”

04/18/2017 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “These are the Tampa Bay area corridors identified as priorities in regional transit study”

04/05/2017 – Tampa Bay Business Journal – “Transit engineers to announce priority Tampa Bay corridors this week”

03/14/2017 – Tampa Bay Newswire – “Regional Transit Feasibility Plan moves forward to identify “catalyst project” in the Tampa Bay area”

03/14/2017 – Tampa Patch – “Regional Transit Feasibility Plan moves forward to identify “catalyst project” in the Tampa Bay area”

02/01/2017 – Tampa Bay Times – “Want good regional mass transit? New study urges regional governance first to make it happen”

01/23/2017 – Tampa Bay Newspapers – “Officials taking closer look at regional transportation options”

News Releases

Jan. 19, 2018: Space along I-275 corridor identified as “catalyst” for future regional transit network

Sept. 29, 2017: Public input helps identify top regional transit projects | Regional Transit Vision map

Aug. 10, 2017: Regional Transit Feasibility Plan team seeks your comments on regional transit connections

Mar. 6, 2017: Regional Transit Feasibility Plan moves forward to identify “catalyst project” in the Tampa Bay area


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